#HurtOneAnother? (or) #WeAreOne?

The bombing of the Brussels airport this week is tragic, and so is every event that has involved the death of innocent people. In recent decades, religious radical terrorists have had the center of our attention, but we've been trying to hurt or kill one another someway-or-another for one reason or another since as long as we've had opposable thumbs.

So what do you think? Is this all about some evolutionary trait that we don't know what to do with now that we don't necessarily have to hurt others to ensure our survival? Or, do you think all of this is still about survival? Is this just the reptilian part of our brain doing its thing, or is there another way to look at our violent tendencies? 

What is our best possible becoming? Do our answers change when we define who the "us" is? What is the right way? The way of selfishness, tribalism and fear; or, the way of compassion, unity, and coexistence? What happens when we have a global potable water sacristy? Is the best way forward to protect what has been claimed as "ours" or to share what we have with those that need it most?

All of these questions hopefully pave the way for more conversation. Middle Circle is planning some community gatherings to engage this stuff more deeply and see if we can connect with some of the science that is testing similar questions.

And while we have it in us to commit atrocious acts, we are also able to share love, seek justice, and turn strangers and enemies into friends. Why is that?

Today I say here's to the way of compassion, peace, and goodness. If you're onboard and need a little encouragement in the mist of this very tough and sad week, have a listen/watch to The Alternate Routes song Nothing More.  It's just what I needed.

- Anders 

The Rev. Anders Peterson is the founder and chaplain of Middle Circle a community exploring meaning through shared values and experiences