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Copy of Theology Night

  • Meets Online Through Zoom Platform (map)

This group seeks to explore and discuss questions, themes and topics involving spirituality, religion, divinity and theology. This is a great group for folks who were raised within Christianity or a different religion and are interested in exploring how it has impacted them and how they can engage in that religious traditions today. It's also a great group for people who were raised outside of a particular religious tradition and are interested in exploring how   theology might or might not be helpful for them today. 

This group meets through Zoom, a free online conferencing platform. 

Each gathering will focus on a specific question or theme and will be facilitated by a Middle Circle community member. Examples of questions and themes can be found below.

  • Does God exist? Is there a God or many Gods? What are different ways of trying to understand concepts of divinity?
  • Sin & Atonement
  • Love
  • Creation & Evolution
  • Science & Religion
  • What is Scripture? Why? How do we read sacred texts today? What about modern literature? 
  • Theodicy: Why is there suffering?
  • Prayer & Meditation
  • Rituals & Sacraments
  • Church & Other Places of Worship
  • How Religion Affects Perspectives of Sex, Gender & Race
  • Theology & Care of the Earth
  • Ethics & Morals
  • The Golden Rule vs The Platinum Rule
  • The Nature of God?
  • What is Religion? What is Spirituality? What is the difference? 
  • What if there was no religion?