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Philosophy Night

  • Karin Fleming's Home 344 Carl St. #2 San Francisco (map)

What is Philosophy Night?: Middle Circle's monthly philosophy night creates a place for friends or strangers to dig into the topics that mean the most in our lives. Each gathering is hosted and facilitated by Middle Circle community members and centers on an age-old philosophical question. There is always food, beer made by the Middle Circle brewers guild, and non-alcoholic beverages available.

Cost: Please plan to contribute $5-20 to the Middle Circle food and beverage kitty. You can donate at the event or right now below.

What If I Haven't Studied Philosophy?: You don't need to be well versed in philosophy to participate. Philosophy literally means love of wisdom. All that's needed is an interest in having a great conversation about a meaningful topic with good company.

***Note this event is listed as private but the information is sharable. Feel free to share this invitation with friends and acquaintances that you think would like to participate!***

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