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God & the World's Future Seminar

  • Flamingo Hotel Santa Rosa (map)

Middle Circle will be attending the Westar Institute's Praxis Forum and the God & the World's Future Seminar in Santa Rosa, CA. To learn more click here.

Additional Information on God and the Human Future Seminar

The academic Seminar on God and the Human Future began its work in 2013. Inspired by the pioneering research and public notice of the Jesus Seminar, it has sought to attract a new generation of scholars to the mission and ongoing work of the Westar Institute. In a short time it has attracted over thirty participating Research Fellows who together are exploring new ways and new images for thinking about God in a post-theistic context.

This year’s first session is focused on a book by the Canadian philosopher J. L. Schellenberg: Evolutionary Religion (Oxford University Press, 2013). Schellenberg, who is Professor of Philosophy at Mount Saint Vincent University, will present on the book’s ideas, and in a second session will give us a taste of the evolution in his thinking represented by two new books of his: Progressive Atheism: How Moral Evolution Changes the God Debate (Bloomsbury, 2019) and Religion After Science: The Cultural Consequences of Religious Immaturity (Cambridge University Press, 2019). Both books will be out in the summer. Schellenberg is well known in philosophy for his ‘hiddenness’ argument for atheism, developed in his first book back in 1993, and for a subsequent trilogy on the philosophy of religion, which was honored by a special issue of the Cambridge journal Religious Studies in 2013.

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